Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Ahe'hee - Thank you Navajo Nation Pet Owners of the Western Agency that participated in the FREE drive-through pet vaccinations, June 13-16, 2022. We treated 548 dogs and 144 cats within four days. Your pets are now vaccinated against the common diseases of pets, parasites are reduced and your pet recieved the microchip that is now required for all pets on the Navajo Nation. All services were FREE. The event was possible through the support of Animal Rez-Q Inc, Petco Love, Maddie's Fund, Navajo Animal Control Program and the Department of Resource Enforcement. #SupportAnimalRezQInc


Horse Plus Humane Society comes to the Navajo Nation to document the gelding of 42 stallions during our May equine services on the Nation. Check out the newly released video which premiered June 22, 2022.


We are grateful to Horse Plus Humane Society for their financial assistance in making the gelding of the horses during the May 6-11, 2022 equine services on the Navajo Nation possible! The gelding procedures were completed by the veterinarians of the ARQ parternship team with the support of students from Mid-Western University Veterinary School. We are thankful that 42 horses are now gelded, Ahe'hee'. Organization Name: Animal Rez-Q Inc State: Arizona, New Mexico (Navajo Nation)