Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Aneth, Red Mesa, Teec Nos Pos & Rock Point FREE pet vaccinations August 1-4, 2023 - These pet owners received their vaccinations, deworming, microchip & surgery referral in preparation for the Teec Nos Pos Mash surgery site set for August 17-20, 2023. Thank you for taking care of your animals. See you all in Teec. #PetcoLoveVax #AnimalRezQInc


HIGHLIGHTS of Huerfano Mash Surgery Site July 27-30, 2023 - Thank you to all the pet owners that had their pet spayed or neutered. You are helping us to decrease the overpopulation of pets on Navajo. You are the "responsible pet owners" that deserve the FREE services. We appreciate your time, travel and patience as you waited for your pet to be surgically altered. Ahe'hee'! #SupportAnimalRezQIncc


July 2023 - A new community youth project in the works. Animal Rez-Q has partnered with Standinghill LLC to redesign the "wall" at the Fort Defiance intersection, across from Speedway. We seek to bring beauty into the community, create positive messaging and deter graffiti. Through the kind donations, community support and leadership support, our community youth project is gaining momentum. Each section is being repainted by artists that donate their time to place their talents on the "wall" We continue to seek for paint donations, landscaping assistance and additional resources to help us complete the "wall". Come see it. It is beautiful. #SupportAnimalRezQInc