Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Maddie's Fund "Return To Home" Challenge completed on the Navajo Nation. #ReturnToHomeChallenge Five Navajo Nation chapter site participated in the challenge; Sawmill, Crystal, Red Lake, Fort Defiance and Jeddito. One clustered housing site was included Navajo Township Community Development Corporation. All sites were sponsored by Maddie's Fund, Petco Love Vaccinations, Petco Love Intake Diversion Grant and PetHub tags.....Thank you so much for your support. 157 dogs and 17 cats were vaccinated, dewormed and 147 microchips were implanted. A second thank you to all the responsible pet owners that want their pets disease free, to have reduced parasites and the ability to be returned home by getting microchipped. #SupportAnimalRezQInc.


SUCCESS STORY: Midwestern University Veterinary School (Food Animal Dept) provides herd services on Navajo, Sept 29 - Oct 4, 2022. 139 cattle vaccinated, dewormed, treated with pour-on and vitamins provided among 6 herds. 118 cows pregnancy checked resulting in a 79% pregnancy rate......awesome. 138 sheep & goats were provided vaccinations, deworming, pour-on & vitamins among 8 herds. Other management treatments completed castrations, dehorn, abscess treatment and lameness exams completed. Herd Plans were completed for all 14 herds. Special thank you to Dr. Chako, Dr. Ziegler and the MWU veterinary students for all the herd services. #SupportAnimalRezQInc